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For over 17 years Benleigh has been supplying Australian businesses, schools, universities and hospitals with the latest in vending goods. We have changed dramatically over the years and today we are a much larger, successful and established company. We now supply vending machines to all types of people in all types of areas all over the country. Today it’s Richmond and Wingfields time to shine and enjoy our latest offer we have for you.

Vending Machine Adelaide

You can now order absolutely free vending machines for your business/organisation provided you have sufficient staff or foot traffic. We have been providing this particular deal for a while now, however we do continuously tweak it. The promotion you’ll be enjoying is our latest and greatest version!

We have discussed the possibility of having vending systems with many business people, managers and the like, and most are in favour of having one for their customers/staff to use. However when it comes to the crunch, money can be a factor. To buy a single vending machine can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. Large companies may be able to afford this, but when speaking with small to mid establishments, it isn’t always feasible.

This is why we designed this no cost promotion in the first place, to allow small businesses to get in on the action too. Large companies are also welcome to take advantage of this deal and may be eligible for multiple machines if they’re large enough.

Now there are other companies that make similar promises, however you need to be careful as some of them may cut corners and provide you with old 2nd hand machines.

Benleigh is different as we only give you new units to ensure you’re satisfied for a many years to come.

More specific information on our systems can be found here, however we will now go through the main features:

  • Large front display
  • More than enough space to stock variety of products
  • LED Lighting – Cheaper to run then fluorescent lighting
  • Notereader
  • Improved coin technology eliminates coin jams
  • Keypad is accessible to wheelchair users

We here at Benleigh are confident you’ll be pleased with the quality of our hardware and service. Even though this promotion is free, we have gone one step further and have designed this offer to be as least time consuming as possible.

  • No contacts
  • No obligations
  • No fees
  • No restocking fees
  • Available to all Wingfield and Richmond businesses

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this deal is how easy and hands off the whole thing is. Once we post out the system to you, you’ll be able to start using it once installed. As the items inside are consumed, once low on stock you can ring our restocking partner who will then come visit you and add more products to your machine.