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medical vending machinesAustralia’s Best Medical Vending Machines

At Benleigh Vending Systems we are striving to give our valued customers, vending machines that provide real assistance with important tasks. Our newest addition of medical vending machines to our already expansive range is no exception.

In the last few years, this relatively new sector in vending machines has experienced some real growth.

With many medical centres and hospitals experiencing their medical equipment either being stolen or misplaced by staff members, the need for these medical vending systems has gone from a luxury, to a necessity.

Lost and/or stolen medical items are costing our hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These losses are causing serious damage to our hospital sector and is an issue that needs to be addressed. This is why more and more hospitals now are jumping on board and taking the step to introduce medical vending machines.

No longer will you have to stress about missing equipment, and blown out costs with the addition of this machine

By investing in medical vending machines from Benleigh Vending Systems, you will find your investment will pay for itself very quickly. .

How Does our Medical Vending Machine Work?

The medical vending machine functions in a very similar way to our safety PPE systems. In an almost identical fashion, the machine distributes and keeps track of products, however instead of dispensing safety equipment, instead medical supplies are a button away!

To work the medical vending machine, all you have to do is either insert or swipe a smart card into the card reader on the machine. The item will be dispersed and the system will take a range of details from the user, which are then recorded and can be viewed thanks to our inbuilt software.

Overall there are a wide range of benefits when using medical vending machines. Not only will you be able to reduce your paper work and keep users accountable, you’ll also increase the safety of your work place. However the main benefit of these machines has to be their proven track record of reducing consumption up to 49%, which will save you a lot of money.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) -Doing Our Part to Help Stop the Spread

There is no doubt Australia must work together to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Our safety vending machines are able to quickly and effectively dispense medical equipment in a matter of seconds. Vending is a efficient way of keeping a limit on supply usage and holding users accountable.

Benleigh Vending is helping Australian hospitals and medical centres dispense medical equipment such as:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Respirators
  • and other medical supplies


To learn more about our medical vending machines, please call Daniel or Andrew at Benleigh Vending Systems on 1300 629 153 or visit our contact page


1300 629 153 quick enquiry

Benleigh has provided our company with concise, expert knowledge of the vending machine industry. They told us exactly what they can offer us, in a manner easy to understand with passion and enthusiasm. Our previous vending machine was stocked infrequently, unrefrigerated, with poor quality goods and not maintained at all. Benleigh have gone above and beyond our expectations and are 100% committed in providing us with the best serviced machines. We are so happy, that we are acquiring another one for a new office –