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Small Vending Machines For Sale – Price / Size

small BV3 vending machine
Our BV3 is little but packs a punch! Enjoy up to 36 different selections.

Our quality range here at Benleigh consists of 2 different sizes. We have Australia’s favourite large BV5 model, and our equally powerful but smaller BV3 model.

No question we have Australia’s best small vending machines. Our commitment to high quality design is easy to see when looking at our BV3 machine. It’s what all other small vending machines strive to be.


“Even though the BV3 model is quite small, the capacity is not. You could place 36 different selections at once if you wanted to.”

And with our very large selection of snacks and drinks to choose from, this machine will offer you more satisfaction than you could ever dream of!


How Much Does A Small Vending Machine Cost

Wondering how much small vending machines cost compared to a larger sized unit? Smaller vending machines can cost between $6,000 to $8,000.  This will depend how well the machine is designed. However we have some good news for you!

Benleigh machines are completely FREE to use. We place our well designed machines in all types of Australian businesses.  Whether you work in an office building, school or even a gym, we have something to offer everyone.

How much do large vending machines cost? Read our full guide


Dimensions / Size / Weight

We have designed our BV3 machine to be as compact as possible, while still providing full functionality. It wasn’t easy to create such a small yet powerful vending machine, but we did it!

ModelSizeTypeDimensions Weight (approx)
BV3SmallSnack & Drink, Healthy, PPE, Coffee(h) 1830mm, (w) 760mm, (d) 830mm300kg
BV5LargeSnack & Drink, Healthy, PPE(h) 1830mm, (w) 1035mm, (d) 830mm350kg
Coffee MachineExtra SmallCoffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate(h) 1830mm, (w) 600mm, (d) 740mm135kg


Advantages Of  A Smaller Vending Machine

While most of our clients choose our 30% larger (BV5 machine), we do have others who select our smaller (BV3 machine). There are many good reasons why you may prefer a machine that is more compact:


Requires less Space

The main benefit to choosing a small vending machine is obviously the reduced space it will require. If your space is restricted, our BV3 machine is the perfect product for you. Our technicians can visit your business on site and take measurements of the surrounding area.  If this is required our technicians can you a recommendation based on 22 years of experience.


Sometimes Less Is More


“Our BV3 machine is capable of showcasing 36 different selections.  This is more than enough to offer your workplace a large variety of snacks and drinks”

In fact Benleigh offers you the largest selection of vending products found anywhere in Australia. 

Depending on the type of business you run, having less products could actually be an advantage.  You may wish to highlight certain healthier items. If you were to opt for a larger model, said products could get lost in the shuffle. A small vending machine offers just enough to make everyone happy without going overboard.


More Energy Efficient

We design all of our vending machines to be as energy efficient as possible. Our machines are our lively hood. We need our machines running well in business such as yours. This is why you’ll find parts inside our machine sourced from all over the world. We wanted the best compressor and payment system so we went to Germany. We wanted the best coin mech, we had to go to Israel.

Another advantage is the increased energy efficiency of using a smaller unit. Our BV3 is designed using LED lighting to keep the power costs down even further. Only 60 watts of power is used which is much less than your average fridge (100-200 watts).


Benleigh Snack & Drink Machine Features

  • Choose from 36 independent selections
  • Accepts Payments via Coins / Notes / Credit Cards / Paywave
  • Steel construction
  • Free standing door design
  • Customisable shelving
  • LED lighting
  • Ivend improved product delivery
  • Independent unlocking control system
  • Door alarm
  • Wheelchair accessible keypad
  • Visit our Snack and Drink Vending Section to read more

As you can see we have covered all bases when designing our snack and drink machines. The BV3 is a slim and compact system that will be easy to find a home for. 


small vending machine side view
Side View of the BV3 by Benleigh Vending Systems


Why Choose Benleigh

There are several reasons why Benleigh is chosen over other vending suppliers. Having 20+ years in the industry, we have built up a solid reputation. Our company is known for producing only the highest quality of vending systems. 

However we do understand that customers also care about great customer service. We feel our customer support is on a even level now with our high valued products. Our team does a lot to make sure you are well looked after – long after you’re enjoying our machine.

FeatureIs It Included?
FREE DeliveryYES
FREE InstallationYES
FREE Stock RefillingYES
Credit Card ReaderYES
Note ReaderYES
Coin ReaderYES
Accepts PaywaveYES

Small Vending Machines For Offices

Having an office is an ideal location to place a vending machine. Staff are always looking for accessible snacks, drinks and coffee. Fortunately Benleigh caters to everyone needs in the work place. 

We have over 2,000 of our machines placed all around Australian businesses, with offices being the most common place requesting our machines. 

Thousands of companies enjoy having a Benleigh system in their office. It’s a discreet and handy device to have at your finger tips every single day. Having staff go hungry throughout the day will effect their mood and productivity. This is why so many businesses are more than happy to accept our free machines in their workplace.


We Even Do Coffee Vending Machines!

There’s no need for messy lunch rooms or spilt coffee. Benleigh not only offers small snack and drink systems, but also high quality coffee vending machines. Our coffee comes straight from the coffee bean resulting in the best tasting coffee every made from a vending machine.

Enjoy from over 20 selections:


FREE Service With Full Support

When you choose our company, we don’t just give you a vending machine and send you on your way. In fact it’s the very opposite! Instead we stick by your side throughout the life of the machine.

Our customer support team is available each business day to take your phone calls. 

Our technicians are always on standby ready to resolve any issues you may have with your machine.

We are dedicated to offering you the absolute best vending experience one can offer. 

Our customer support team can offer assistance in many ways:

  • Phone support
  • Onboard technicians
  • Support via Youtube videos


Best Areas To Place A Small Vending Machine

Certain areas at your work place are better suited for smaller vending machines. We’ll discuss your options and the pros and cons of each:


On The Office Floor

The office floor is a great area to place your vending machine. This is where the bulk of your staff are situated throughout each day. Having easy access to snack, healthy food and refreshing drinks is appreciated by all staff and clientele. 

What makes things even easier is that most office work spaces are quite spacious and have many power points available. Set your machine next to your kitchen if your workplace has an open living design. 

Otherwise any free space adjacent to a walkway or corridor will be a great option as well.


vending machine in the office


In The Kitchen

What makes things even easier is that most office work spaces are quite spacious and have many power points available. Set your machine next to your kitchen if your workplace has an open living design. 

Otherwise any free space adjacent to a walkway or corridor will be a great option as well.

small vending machine for kitchen
A kitchen with an open floor design is perfect spot for a small vending machine





Our Snack and Drink Selections

Benleigh understands that a vending machine is only as good as the products that are inside it! This is why our company has been on a mission to provide Australia the largest product selection! This is not some empty slogan, we truly do have the best range of snacks and drink to offer you

*Please note product availability is determined by your location. Some products listed may not be available in your area.

Product TypeVariationsNumber Of Choices
Healthy SnacksChicken and beef meals, tuna and crackers, cheese and crackers, muesli bars, baked goods, gluten free chips10
Healthy DrinksCoconut Water, kombucha, orange juice, multi-v juice, spring water, sparkling water8
Energy DrinksRed Bull, V, Mother3
ChocolatesLarge range from Nestle, Cadbury, Mars and more.13
ChipsSmiths, Kettle, Pirahna, Arnotts12
Other DrinksCoke, Schweppes, sports drinks, flavoured milks, juices25


Whether you require a small or large vending machine, we really do have Australia’s most best vending machines. Not only are our models highly reliable, but there is enough functionality and technology inside to vend almost anything you could want.

Join over 1,600 Australian businesses who are currently enjoying their own Benleigh machine, and experience how far vending has come.  

We have an exciting offer for you that’s too good to miss! Click here to see our page that shows you what you’ve been missing!