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PPE Vending Machines



PPE Vending Machines

A relatively new but growing sector of our business are our PPE Vending Machines. These systems look quite similar to a regular vending machine but have some distinct differences. Unlike snack or drink models, PPE machines instead supply users with a wide range of personal protective safety equipment. The purpose of the PPE vending machine is to provide a safe and hassle free method of storing and dispensing various safety items.

Why Should You use PPE vending machines?

Over the last few years, we have observed a growing shift towards businesses placing personal safety at the workplace at the forefront of priorities.

As this trend only looks to get stronger, it’s quite apparent that these type of vending systems are looking to become a standard in many workplaces. By having a safety PPE vending machine at your workplace, you make a bold statement about your compliance to OHS. You will also enhance the safety of the workplace and improve your companies’ image.

How do the safety PPE vending machines work?

The models that we provide use RFID smart card technology. These are similar to what an employee would use to swipe when entering a door. The card must be either inserted or swiped into the card reader on the safety PPE vending machine.

A computer server is connected to the card reader which collaborates via a GPRS modem or a onsite local network connection. All that a staff member is required to do,  is  swipe or insert their card, and their chosen item will be released from the system.

Once a transaction has taken place, the machine records a range of data. This includes the name and ID details of the employee, the item that has been distributed to, the number of the vending system and lastly, the time and date the item was dispensed.

What Happens If A Swipe Card Is Lost, Stolen or Damaged?

The smart cards that you’ll be provided with do not have any value stored in them. What this means is that there’s no need  for you to panic if a card gets lost, stolen or damaged. When a particular card needs to be replaced, management can simply deactivate the old card, thus rendering it unusable.

Also the handy ability to set per-determined transactions over a certain period of time, for each employee can be implemented if needed.

Other features

The features of the safety PPE vending machines don’t stop there. Our machines allow you to tap into the important online software which allows you to produce regular reports. These reports outline information concerning the staff member that has used any items, and details about the products that have been dispensed.

Furthermore, the vending machine places the power back into managements hands. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your stock levels and when items need to be replaced. This is thanks to the web-based reporting system that permits real time monitoring of all stock levels.

Overall, the advantages of the safety PPE vending machines are many. Their ability to reduce paper work and increase staff efficiency is another benefit that owners of the machine regularly praise. Proven track record and reduction of consumption of up to 49% has been documented.