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Coffee Vending Machines

coffee vending machines

If you’re after the perfect cup of coffee, you’ll absolutely love the new coffee vending machines we have introduced. They are brand new, and are truly designed using the latest technology available.

Gone are the days of bad tasting instant coffee and a limited selection. Instead Benleigh offers you a high quality drink right from the coffee bean and straight to your cup! Not only that, but the models we stock truly do offer the largest selection of drinks found on any coffee vending machine. With 20 selections possible, we have a flavour to suit everyones taste.

Best of all you can place them in your business or work office absolutely free! We will take care of the delivery, installation, maintenance, and refilling of the machine. The only finger you will have to lift is when your enjoying the best tasting coffee in your office!

  • Free Coffee Vending Machine – No fees and No Catches
  • Delivery and Installation at no cost
  • Brand new high quality models
  • Coffee straight from the bean
  • Largest selection of drinks
  • We clean, maintain and restock the machines
  • 4 Ways to Pay (coins, notes, credit card, pay wave)
  • Customer support for the life of the machine
  • Australian owned and operated company of 20 years

Drink Selection (up to 20 selections)
Black Coffee
Cappuccino with chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Black Tea
Tea with milk
Hot water
Cup Only

Cups: 500
Stirrers: 450
Coffee Beans Canister Capacity: 3.2KG
Soluble Canister Capacity: 2.5L – 4.5L – 6L
Stainless Steel Boiler: 0.5L

4 payment methods
LED lit buttons
128 X 64 Graphic Display
Height: 1700MM
Width: 600MM
Depth: 740MM
Depth With Door Open: 1250MM
Weight: 125KG

Energy Consumption
To reach operating temp: 38.87WH
For each hour of stand-by: 1320WH