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Snack Vending Machines

snack vending machinesHere at Benleigh Vending Systems we truly have the largest and most diverse range of vending snacks and drinks!

Servicing Australian businesses for 25 years, our snack vending machines are second to none!

Benleigh offers FREE vending machine as well as snack vending machines for sale.

Whatever your taste desires, we pride ourselves on satisfying your taste buds by having something for everyone. We are constantly tweaking our range by stocking Australia’s favourites, as well as introducing new exciting products regularly.

All your favourite items are stocked in our new 2 story warehouse. We have all the chocolates, chips and drinks you love, and a few surprises you may not expect.

We also have an additional line of healthy products that customers are eating up! We are very proud of our healthy choices range, which continues to grow.

You can now choose from a variety of juices, coconut water, and protein drinks. If you’re feeling peckish, we have tunas, cookies, microwavable meals and protein bars. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety that we have to offer you.

We also stock all major brands like Coke, Schweppes, Cadbury, Nestle, Red Rock Deli and many more.

Snack vending machine models

BV3 ModelBV5 Model
Free Vending Machine ServiceYesYes
Tuna & CrackersYesYes
Cheese & CrackersYesYes
Chicken MealsYesYes
Beef MealsYesYes
Protein BarsYesYes
Instant NoodlesYesYes
Chocolate BarsYesYes
Dimensions(h) 1830mm, (w) 760mm, (d) 830mm(h) 1830mm, (w) 1035mm, (d) 830mm
Credit Card ReaderYesYes
Paywave Tap & GoYesYes
Note ReaderYesYes
Coin ReaderYesYes

We ensure none of our products are out of date which will leave each bite tasting fresh and satisfying!

How much is a snack vending machine?

Benleigh offers a completely FREE snack vending machine service to Australian businesses.

What we offer is very valuable because ordinarily the cost to buy your own vending machine can be quite costly.

The cost of a average snack vending machine is between $3,000-$10,000 AUD.

Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing our machinery is top of the range as well. Our new machines are custom designed by us to ensure reliability, and come with the latest technology inside. From LED lighting, note and coin readers, to pay wave functionality – it’s all there!

How many snacks can a vending machine hold?

A standard vending machine can hold between 150-200 snacks at once. This amount is enough to last at least 1 week at most work places. 

Enjoy a snack vending machine with a card reader

Benleigh offers snack vending machines with a credit card reader. The implementation of our card readers have made using our vending machines so much easier.

With Pay Wave / Tap n Go functionality, as well as the ability to swipe and insert, we highly recommend a choosing a vending machine with a card reader.

Snack vending machine for your office

Benleigh believes every work office should have a FREE vending machine service. We offer you snack and drink as well as the very best tasting coffee vending machines in Australia.

For more details on our snack vending machines, please contact our support team Monday to Friday – 1300 629 153 or visit our contact page