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Welcome to Benleigh Vending Systems

We Service All States & Suburbs in Australia!

1,600 Australian Businesses Enjoy Benleigh Vending


With over 23 years of experience, Benleigh Vending Systems offers you Australia’s most complete and hassle free vending machine service possible. There are no contracts, obligations or catches. We provide you with the largest selection of snacks, drinks and healthy choices you could ever want inside a vending machine!

Our 23 years of experience offers you our most amazing vending systems ever. We take care of the delivery, installation, refilling and maintenance for you, all at no cost. We simply offer you the best vending service you’ll ever come across.

Trusted by 1,600 Australian businesses, our products, service & support will not be beaten.

We are an independent company which is a very important advantage Benleigh has. We aren’t restricted in stocking products from any one company, meaning we can offer you any product your heart desires.

If instead you were to go with a public company, your choices are likely to be restricted. A public vendor will favor their own brand of products over others. This greatly limits the variety of food & beverages you would be able to choose from.

Benleigh offers you the largest range of snacks & drinks in Australia! We love to keep things fresh by adding new items when they become available, which keeps everyone’s taste buds satisfied.

Small Business Or A Large Company? Everyone Can Enjoy Benleigh Vending!

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1300 629 153 Enquire Now (free)

Large Product Selection & Healthy Choice Options

Coffee Vending MachineWhen your system is delivered to you, Benleigh will pack your vending machine with the tastiest, highest quality drinks and snacks!

Our extensive range of products includes juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, milk, cookies, protein products as well as the yummiest chocolates and chips on the market. We also have an impressive range of healthy choices available too!

When working together with Benleigh, you’ll be able to choose from our large catalogue of snacks and drinks. You can simply pick and choose what your taste buds desire and we will add it your system.

Our clients are really enjoying our huge selection of healthy snacks and drinks that we offer. We are continually adding new items to keep our product line fresh and exciting.

Our healthy range which includes our fresh coconut water, wild berry water, gluten free chips, protein bars and cheese N’ crackers, which will have your taste buds drooling with pleasure.

As we clearly have the largest product selection in Australia, you’ll absolutely find all your favorites, and discover many pleasant surprises along the way.

The majority of our customers will certainly say that we put our 22 years of experience to great use, and really do our best to provide you with the very best vending experience possible.

If you’re looking to purchase our vending machines outright, we do have options available. If you’re after a new system, we highly recommend our BV3 or BV5 vending machines that we have for sale.

Our older white second hand systems are another option if you are on a lower budget, but still want a decent unit. Buying a new system outright is the best option if you’re looking to start up your own vending business and earn additional income.

Our BV model machines feature a range of new innovations including smart card adaptation, stock reading, electronic accounting, GSM telephone communication, bill validation, credit card readers and Tap and Go/Pay Wave technology.


Do You Need A Snack & Drink Vending Machine At Work?

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+ Pay Wave / Tap n Go

Benleigh has provided our company with concise, expert knowledge of the vending machine industry. They told us exactly what they can offer us, in a manner easy to understand with passion and enthusiasm. Our previous vending machine was stocked infrequently, unrefrigerated, with poor quality goods and not maintained at all. Benleigh have gone above and beyond our expectations and are 100% committed in providing us with the best serviced machines. We are so happy, that we are acquiring another one for a new office –

- Lidia


1300 629 153 Enquire Now (free)