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combination vending machinesWe here at Benleigh Vending Systems can provide you with Australia’s highest quality combination vending machines.

These systems are able to hold both snacks and drinks at the same time. This provides you with a greater choice of products to consume and keep everyone at work happy. Whether you feel hungry or thirsty, our combo systems will satisfy you!

We stock a wide range of different snacks, treats and drinks in our vending machine. In fact Benleigh stocks the largest and most diverse selection of vending snacks & drinks in Australia.

We are able to supply you with such a diverse range due to us being an independent company. We have no allegiance to any one company, but we instead pack our systems with items from many food and drink manufactures.

You will find all of our food is of the highest quality, fresh and tasty.

Technology has also improved our service which we are pleased about. Our drivers are now able to monitor stock levels in real time using their handheld tablets! We will ensure your machine is always well stocked thanks to their tablets and our internal software that we use.

Our stock also consists of Australia’s widest range of healthy vending items. It’s your choice whether or not you wish to include these items. Most of our clients like to have a combination of drinks, chips, chocolates and our healthy choice options!


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These machines have provided my customers with excellent service due to the 24/7 convenience they offer, which fits right in beautifully with my car wash business. My business has benefited from the having the machines because they definitely attract extra customers. My customers like the vending machine convenience and amenity, and it’s good to give the kids a treat while they wait…something to look forward to! –