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Wetherill Park

Benleigh is a South Australian based Vending Supplier that has been in operation for over 16 years. We have grown exceptionally and now service most areas in every Australian city/territory.

Are you located in the Wetherill Park location in NSW and operate a business, office, hospital or school in this location, we may be able to provide you with free vending machines!

Vending Machine Sydney

Most business owners would love to have a vending machine at their premises however the high cost usually stops this from occurring. One machine alone can end up costing several thousand dollars. If you have a multi-level building and require several systems, this can end up costing tens of thousands.

This is why Benleigh has taken it upon ourself to offer a new and exciting free option where we lease out the machines to you to use and we make a profit from selling the food/drink inside them. Everybody wins this way as we earn a profit, you save thousands and your staff get to enjoy the tasty and refreshing products by having the vending machine at work.

Many have taken us up on our offer and have reported back pleasant results. Staff seem to be happier, refreshed and their productivity has increased in most cases.

This offer really is a no brainer and all of us will benefit, especially you. There are no contacts and no obligations involved. If you no longer wish to have the machine at your premises, we are happy to take it back.

Benleigh also offers other products and services which may interest you:

  • New, used, no cost systems
  • Healthy range, ice dispensers and regular (chips, chocolate, drinks)
  • Wholesale snacks
  • No contacts
  • No fees
  • 16 years experience

Benleigh is highly confidence in our work because vending machines are our passion. There is little that we don’t know about them so if you ever need some questions answered, please feel free to contact us by phone.

If this promotion interests you, please contact us today. The process doesn’t take long at all and only involved a few steps. You just need to phone us and we will organise a suitable day to send over the machine to your workplace. When the machine is installed and operating, you’ll enjoy a hassle free vending experience. Our systems are new and come from our latest BV3/BV5 models which are large enough and look beautiful.

Once your machine is running low on food/drink, you’ll just need to contact our partner to let them know and he/she will come visit you and refill the system at no charge.