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Benleigh has grown to become one of the largest and most loved vending suppliers in all of Australia. If you’re located in the Wagga Wagga or Ultimo areas, there’s now another reason to love us. We have an incredible new deal you’re sure to be interested in – Free vending machines for your work place!

No you aren’t seeing things, we are serious about this offer and you should seriously consider it.

Vending Machine Sydney

There are no fees and zero catches. While there are some other companies offering no cost machines, there is one thing you need to keep an eye on. What some of these companies do is provide you with old worn out machines which will only cause you more trouble than they’re worth.

What we do instead is provide you with modern well built machines that contain quality parts and some of the latest vending technology. These things will keep going and shouldn’t cause you any issues. Another benefit in choosing our free machines is our models contain new technology inside that eliminates coin jams and incorrect dispensing.

We have found great demand for this service as many companies are now finding that they have the upper edge when placing at least one vending machine in their workplace. The reason this is the case is due to the machine providing staff with a simple to access machine that dispenses food and drink. Its a little luxury that staff looks forward to during the day, and using it will boost their energy levels and may increase overall productivity levels.

Ultimo and especially Wagga Wagga are nicely developing areas and this is why we are able to offer you this generous deal. You honestly have nothing to lose and there are no commitments from your end. If for any reason you aren’t happy with the machine or no longer need it, you can simply call us and we’ll happily take it back from you.

Benleigh can not only offer you this promotion but a number of additional services depending on the location of your business:

  • No cost, new, second hand machines
  • Traditional soft drinks, chocolates and chips, healthy option snacks and ice vending systems
  • No cost postage/shipping
  • No obligations
  • Over 16 years experience