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Vending Machines for Fundraising

Benleigh Vending Systems provides businesses and organisations with high quality free vending machines for your fundraising campaigns.

We can provide you with a completely free vending service, where we maintain and refill the vending machine for you.

  • Part of the profits that the vending machine makes, goes directly to you.
  • You can then choose to distribute the money to any organisation or fundraising initiative that you choose.

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Whether you want to make regular donations to your favourite charity, or perhaps you need to fundraise for your sports club, Benleigh is here to help you!

Our Fundraising vending machines are ideal for any business who would like to donate part of their vending machine sales to:

  • Charities
  • Hospitals
  • Homeless Hubs
  • Sports Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • Schools

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Benefits of Choosing Benleigh Vending Systems:

BV3 ModelBV5 Model
Free Vending Machine Service YesYes
Healthy OptionsYesYes
Dimensions(h) 1830mm, (w) 760mm, (d) 830mm(h) 1830mm, (w) 1035mm, (d) 830mm
Credit Card ReaderYesYes
Paywave Tap & GoYesYes
Note ReaderYesYes
Coin ReaderYesYes
FREE InstallationYesYes
FREE DeliveryYesYes
FREE RefillingYesYes
FREE SupportYesYes

To find out more on how Benleigh can assist you with your fundraising goals, you can contact us by email or phone 1300 629 153.