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Benleigh is an Australian based vending machine company that has been successfully providing Australians with the highest quality vending products and services. We are based in Adelaide but buy and sell all over Australia no matter which location you’re located in. If you operate a business, school or hospital in the Campbelltown or Sutherland areas, you’ll definitely want to hear what we have to say next.

Today we are announcing our latest promotion that is sure to excite you. We are now offering your workplace vending machines at no cost whatsoever! That’s correct, you can enjoy Benleighs signature range of premium vending systems and you won’t have to pay a cent.

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What we have found is most business owners would love to have a vending machine at their work premises for staff to enjoy however the cost usually stops this from becoming a reality. Just one machine can end up costing several thousand dollars! Many large companies and multi-level buildings would require at least a few units. You can see how this would end up costing a lot of money – money businesses don’t always have to spend.

This is why Benleigh has taken appropriate action in developing this latest offer to help you and your staff enjoy the tasty products and amazing systems we can offer.

What we have also found through research is many business owners find that once installing a vending machine at their workplace, they notice an increase in staff morale and productivity. We can only guess as to why this is the case, but we think it’s due to them being re-energized and it gives them something to look forward to during a normally long and stress work day.

Although there are other vending suppliers who offer a similar “free machine” deal, you may be taking a risk when it comes time to receive your machine. This is because some of them like to take shortcuts and supply you with old machines which tend to have malfunction issues on a regular basis. This will waste your time and frustrate both you and your staff.

Benleigh on the other hand will supply you with new or sometimes near new systems that are very modern in appearance and come from our latest BV3/BV5 models. These units have amazing technology inside them that has solved the problems of the past such as coins getting stuck inside the machine.

We are confident you’ll be very impressed by the size and quality of the our systems, however as there are no contracts nor obligations, we can take back the machine off you if ever you no longer wish to have it at your workplace.

The process to receive your free vending system takes little time and we have created it so we do pretty much all the work.

All that is required of you is to call us and together we will organise a date where we send out the machine to your workplace. Once installed, all that’s left for you to do is let our partner know whenever the machine is running low on stock. When this occurs our partner will visit your location and refill the system at no charge.

If you’re located in the Campbelltown or Sutherland areas and would like to discuss this promotion, please contact us by using the details provided below.