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Quakers Hill

Any businesses located in the Surry Hills and Quakers Hill areas who are interested in acquiring free vending machines will be happy to know that’s exactly what Benleigh Vending is now offering you. Benleigh has been operating in the vending industry for over 16 years and in that time we have learnt a lot about the business and what people want.

Many have expressed their views on the expense of buying vending machines. The cost of machines can run into several thousands of dollars and if buy multiple machines, it can get very costly for businesses these days.

Vending Machine Sydney

The good news is Benleigh is now offering completely free systems for businesses to use at their workplace. There are no costs and zero commitments on your end. Although we are sure you’ll love our products, if for any reason you no longer require or want the machine at your workplace, you can simply contact us and we’ll be happy to take it back.

Many businesses in NSW are happily taking advantage of our offer because there isn’t anything to lose. Not only that but their staff are really enjoying having the units at work and we are sure your staff will too! By having a vending system for your staff to use, it will make their day a little better and can boost their energy and productivity levels.

When using some vending suppliers especially when they offer anything “free”, you need to be careful. Some companies will supply you with used worn our machines that are on the brink of not working or just prone to malfunction issues. They don’t look very nice either and can stand out like a sore thumb.

None of this is an issue when choosing Benleigh. We will only supply you with modern high quality machines that you’re sure to be impressed with. Our new BV3 and BV5 models look the part and eliminate many problems of the past like coin jams and products not dispensing.

To book your own free unit and start enjoying our offer you can simply contact us using the detailed shown below. The process doesn’t take long and there aren’t even any postage fees!

  • Contact Us Today and Book In Your Machine
  • We’ll organise a day to post out the system to your workplace
  • Whenever the machine is running low on snacks/drinks, just contact our partner and they’ll visit your location and refill the unit at no cost.