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Vending Machine Melbourne

It’s our pleasure to announce Benleighs’ latest offer for all office spaces, hospitals, schools and other businesses in the Southbank and Abbotsford areas, that are sure to get you excited. For a limited time only, Benleigh is allowing you the chance to order vending machines for your workplace absolutely free of charge!

Keep reading to hear more about this exciting deal and how placing a vending machine in your business can increase the productivity of your staff.

Benleigh recommend you consider this option from us as we have more than 16 years experience in the vending industry. We supply machines, wholesale products and offer competitive pricing. However at this particular time you’ll be paying absolutely nothing and enjoying many benefits.

It’s very apparent that companies that place vending machines in their office can actually increase their overall happiness and overall productivity levels. This is because staff have something to look forward to during an often long and tedious day at work. Offering an easy to access machine that supplies food and drink, allows your staff to recharge their energy levels.

Benleigh does not only offer free vending systems, we also can offer additional services depending on where your business is located at:

  • New and used systems
  • Wholesale snacks
  • No postage fees
  • Friendly and experienced team

There are other reasons why you should choose Benleigh for your free vending machine. While other suppliers may offer a similar deal, you can definitely rest east knowing Benleigh will provide you with a new state of the art machine. You’ll be receiving on of our latest models which contain only quality parts inside. This will mean a hassle free, no problem unit that should work without any issues for a long time to come. These new systems also contain new features that eliminate issues of the past such as coin jams and even items incorrectly dispensing or not releasing at all.

The reason why we are allowing areas like Southbank and Abbotsford to take advantage of this generous offer is because these areas are developing quite well in recent times. We are expanding our services to most of Victoria as fast as we can, while maintain our signature Benleigh quality.

You really have nothing at all to lose and there are no obligations to keep the machine. You can simply contact is and we will happily take it back.

To start the process is very easy and all begins with a simple phone call. Together we will organise a day to send out the machine to your location. Once installed, your staff will enjoy fresh food and drink on a regular basis. Whenever the machine is running low on snacks/drinks, you can contact your partner who will then visit your location and refill the unit.