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Snickers Guide (Australia) – Flavours | Ingredients | FAQ

Australian Snickers Bar

What types of Snickers Bars are in Australia?

There are 3 different types of snickers bar flavours in Australia. Snickers Chocolate, Snickers White and Snickers Creamy Peanut butter.

  • Snickers Original
  • Snickers White
  • Snickers Creamy Peanut Butter


Who invented Snickers?

The Snickers chocolate bar was invented in the USA by Franklin Clarence Mars in 1930.

Snickers were a unique creation and were the first chocolate bar to incorporate caramel, nuts and nougat into a chocolate bar.


Is Snickers owned by Mars?

The Snickers bar was invented in 1930 and is still owned by American company Mars.


What does Snickers taste like?

Snickers have the perfect blend of milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat.  If you love peanuts and chocolate, you’ll absolutely love Snickers. The nougat and caramel are the cherry on top.

The closest alternative to Snickers is Mars Bar, with the main difference being Mars Bar does not contain peanut inside.


Can Snickers go bad?

Yes, Snickers can go bad if they’re not stored correctly or if they reach their expiry date. A snickers bar that has gone bad will start cracking and changing colour. Mold will start to form on the surface of the bar and will change to a white colour.


How long do Snickers last?

Most snickers bars usually last up to 12 months. Most of the time when you buy a snickers bar, you will have 6-12 months until it reaches its expiry date. Keeping Snickers in a well cooled room will keep the snickers fresh for as long as possible.

Aside from the expiry date, the way you store a snickers bar can also effect the time it will last.

Keeping snickers bars refrigerated at around 4 degrees celsius will provide the most optimal storing conditions for the chocolate.

The high sugar content of a snickers bar (25.6g) and the caramel, act as preservative and is the main reason why snickers bars usually have a long expiration date.

I recommend keeping your snickers bar away from warm temperatures and sunlight as this will decrease the lifespan of the chocolate bar.


How many grams is a Snickers bar?

The standard size of a snickers bar in Australia is 50 grams.


Did Snickers get smaller in size?

Snickers bars have gotten smaller over the years. In the 1980’s the size of a snickers bar in the USA was 58.7g, where in 2022 the size has reduced to 52.7g. In the UK the size of a snickers bar has reduced from 58g to 48g.

The reason for the reduction in size of a Snickers bar is due to inflation and to reduce the number of calories chocolate lovers consume.

Snickers is far from the only bar that has reduced in size. Most chocolate bars are smaller than they were in the 1980’s and 1990’s.


Is Snickers gluten free?

Snickers bars in Australia do not have gluten ingredients and are considered gluten free. However Snickers bars are not advertised as gluten free on the packaging. 

There is a small possibility that cross contamination from the manufacturing process could result in gluten transferring to the chocolate bar. Any amount of gluten transferred during production would be minimal.


Are snickers vegan?

Snickers are not vegan friendly as they contain a few animal products.  A Snickers bar contains milk solids and egg white which makes Snickers not suitable for vegans.

  • Milk Chocolate – (the milk used to make the chocolate is not vegan friendly)
  • Peanuts – (Peanuts are vegan friendly)
  • Sugar – (Sugar is vegan friendly)
  • Butter – (butter is vegan friendly)
  • Vegetable fat (Vegetble fat is vegan friendly)
  • Egg white (Egg white is not vegan friendly)
  • Milk Solids (Milk solids is not vegan friendly)


Are Snickers healthy?

Snickers are not considered a healthy snack by most people, but can be enjoyed occasionally. Snickers contain high sugar content, fat and are highly processed.


Snickers is one of the better choices of chocolate bar due to its high protein content and lower than average saturated fat.


Do snickers contain tree nuts?

Snickers bars in Australia may contain traces of tree nuts from the manufacturing process.


Do snickers have peanuts?

Snickers bars do contain peanuts. 22% of a Snickers bars ingredients consists of peanuts.


Do snickers have caramel?

Yes Snickers bars do contain caramel inside them. Caramel is not an ingredient as such but is instead made by heating sugar.


What is Snickers nougat made of?

The nougat made in a Snickers bar is made up of egg white, sugar and salt. The nougat flavor is a major secret to making the Snickers bar taste so good!


Do snickers have peanut butter?

The Creamy Peanut Butter flavor of Snickers does contain peanut butter. The original Snickers bar doesn’t contain any peanut butter.


Does Snickers contain eggs?

Snickers bar do contain egg whites. Eggs are used a binding agent to give strength and stability to a Snickers chocolate bar.


Does Snickers contain Palm Oil?

According to Snickers bars do contain palm oil. You won’t see palm oil listed on the nutritional label on a Snickers bar, but instead it will be listed as vegetable fat.


Vegetable fat is a general term meaning any oil that comes from a plant.


Snickers nutritional facts (Serving Size 50g – Australia)

Average quantities Per Serving Di Per Serve %
Energy 1030KJ 12%
Protein 4.4g 9%
Fat – Total 12.2g 17%
Fat – Saturated 4.5g 19%
Carbohydrate 28.6g 9%
Sugars 25.6g 28%
Sodium 119mg 5%


How many calories are in a Snickers bar?

An Australian Snickers bar contains about 206 calories, which is 12% of daily dietary intake.


How much Sugar is in a Snickers bars?

There is 25.6 grams of added sugar in Snickers bar found in Australia.


How many carbs is in Snickers bars?

There are 28.6g of carbohydrates in an Australian Snickers bar.


How much protein does a snickers bar have?

An Australian Snickers bar contains 4.4g of protein.


Are Snickers good post workout?

Snickers bars can be a decent post workout snack due to its high protein content and sugar. However a Snickers bar and other chocolate bars should only be eaten occasionally.

The nuts inside Snickers can be a high source of protein.  The sugar and caramel can provide a much needed glucose boost to muscles after working out.


When is the perfect time to eat Snickers?

The best time to eat a Snickers bar is after an intense workout or exercise. While a Snickers bar is not the most healthiest snack, it won’t cause you to put on fat if your body is in a calorie deficit.


How many dollars worth of Snickers bars are sold each year?

Approximately $444 million dollars worth of Snickers bars were sold in 2019, making it one of the top selling chocolate bars in the world.


Do you love Snickers?

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