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Largs Bay

Are you looking for free vending machines to place in your school, university, hospital or office building? If so, Benleighs latest promotion may be exactly what you’re looking for provided you’re located in or around the Semaphore or Largs Bay areas.

Vending Machine Adelaide

We are now offering you the chance to order our best models at absolutely no cost! This isn’t just some claim it’s very true indeed. Take a look at our machines page for more details on the type of system you can receive from us.

Our BV3 and BV5 models are our own top of the range units which most are very pleased with. We speak to many business people who have currently use our units and even some who weren’t able to afford to purchase in the past. What we found is that the ones who are using them are very pleased with our systems. The ones who don’t have a very good reason – they simply can’t afford them.

Unfortunately to purchase a single machine can cost anywhere up to $10,000 for a quality one. This is a cost that not all are able to afford understandably. This is the exact reason why we created this generous offer, so at least smaller companies can also enjoy our machines.

What sets us apart from some other Australian suppliers is out ethics and commitment to quality. Of course there are other top companies out there, but you do need to be careful when choosing. The reason for this is because some will make amazing claims but then add hidden fees or supply you with an old system.

Benleigh is different as we only provide you with new models and there are no contracts, fees or obligations. If for any reason you no longer need or want the system, you can return it.

The only other thing to keep in mind is that we also will refill the system for you at absolutely no charge. Whenever the unit is running low on products, all you need to do is call our refilling partner and they’ll come and visit you and add more products.

If you’re located in the Semaphore/Largsbay suburbs, please contact us today