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Vending Machine Adelaide

Elizabeth and Salisbury business owners you’re in the treat of a lifetime! If you are looking to order absolutely free vending machines for your staff and customers to use, than you’re in luck. We are a 100% owned and operated Vending Machine supplier who has a very special deal for you today.

For a limited time only we are allowing you to order no cost systems and not pay a cent. There are no hidden fees, contracts and a lot of value to enjoy.

We have been in operation for close to 17 years and have grown to become one of the largest suppliers in all of Australia. Since we first opened doors back in 1995, we have learned a whole lot about the industry and more importantly what exactly business people like yourself are looking for with a vending system.

We understand you want a cost effective product, value, as well as a hassle free quality product. We feel we have all these boxes ticked and a whole lot more.

Firstly we won’t charge you anything as already mentioned but the value and quality of our products and service is what we are especially excited to share with you.

You do need to be careful of some other suppliers who may try and take advantage of you. They will charge you fees, provide confusing contacts or even supply you with aging hardware that spends more time out of service than running. Benleigh does none of this as we feel if we do the right thing by the customer, we too will be rewarded in time.

When you order your no cost system from us, you’re receiving nothing but value. You’ll be receiving our new BV3 Or BV5 model to use. These units look new, are more than large enough and contain several technological advantages:

  • Note Reader
  • LED Lighting
  • Coin Slider (eliminates coins jamming in machine)
  • Wheelchair access keypad

The following shows you what makes Benleigh a company worth considering:

  • 17 years in operation
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No delivery costs
  • Australian owned and operated

We hope you are as excited about this offer as we are. All that’s required of you is to ring us and together we will go through the whole process. We have designed this deal to be as least time consuming for your business as possible. We will organise the best date to post out the unit to your work location. When your machine is running low on stock, all you need to do is call our refilling partner and they will come visit and add more food/drinks.