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Progressive Vending

Benleigh – A progressive vending company

Benleigh is a professional vending company that you truly can rely on. We are the second largest vendor in all of Australia with 20 years of experience behind us. We have a team that is dedicated to moving the vending industry forward every chance we get.

We begun as a small company in Adelaide with just a handful of machines. It wasn’t until the current directors Daniel and Andrew took over the reigns and really moved Benleigh in the right direction.

We offer several pro vending solutions that have pushed the boundaries and have taken vending into the 21st century.

A solid company starts from the ground up and we feel no different. In recent years we upgraded all of our systems to our new BV3 and BV5 models. We also build a new warehouse, as well as upgraded all of our delivery trucks to Isuzu.

The advancements haven’t stopped there though, as our product range has also been revamped. From our custom made parts, note readers, pay wave payments, ppe systems and now our coffee from the bean machines, our progressive nature is apparent.

When it comes to your favourite part, the snacks and drinks, things have improved dramatically as well. Our machines can be stocked with all your favourite chocolates, chips and drinks, but we also offer a wide range of healthier choices too. With schools and work spaces becoming more health conscious, we saw that there was a big demand for Benleigh to expand their product range.

This is when we decided to add other products such as coconut water, gluten free, chips, rice meals, cheese, tuna and protein to our catalogue. The end result is that Benleigh clearly offers you the best range of vending items found anywhere in Australia!

With many fly by night vendors out there, we would love for you to experience a professional vending company in Benleigh Vending Systems.

For more information about our products and services, please contact us on 1300 629 153