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if you’re operating a business, school or hospital in the Paralowie, Smithfield or surrounding areas, you may be glad to hear our following announcement. Benleigh is now offering your area the chance to order our own BV3/BV3 vending machines for free.

Vending Machine Adelaide

We have had this promotion going on for some time now, and we are occasionally gather feedback to access what our customers are happy with and also what they would like changed. The promotion you’ll be enjoying has been re-tweaked to perfection and is our latest and greatest offer we feel.

Benleigh has been in operation close to 17 years and have developed into one of the more larger and successful vending suppliers in the whole of Australia. Although price is very important, we feel providing high quality to our customers is just as an important factor that has allowed us to expand so fast.

We have made this offer so the process is as easy for you as possible can be. There are no fees, contracts, commitments and very little you have to do. The way in which this works is to first phone us and ask any questions you may have. Our operator will explain the whole process in greater detail and then will organise an appropriate date with you to send over the unit.

Once your machine is setup and running, your staff and clients will be able to start enjoying the system. When you see the machine running low on items, all you must do is simply call our refilling person and he/she will come visit and add more snacks and drinks to the system.

We always tell people to do their own research but what we find are the majority always come back and choose Benleigh. Many business owners have been burnt by less than ethical vending suppliers who promise the world yet fail to deliver. Some companies will cut on quality to save a few dollars and give you a second hand unit. The problem with some old machines is they may break down frequently if they haven’t been taken cared for.

We will be supplying you with our new BV3/BV5 models. These units look amazing, have plenty of space and many exciting features for you to discover.

If you’re interested in this offer and would like to get the ball rolling, or perhaps you just want to speak to our team of staff, please ring us today.