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After 16 years in operation, Benleigh continues to revolutionise the vending market with amazing new promotions providing customers with great value for money. Our latest offer is for any business, school or hospital located in the North Sydney/Chatswood areas. We are now offering you absolutely free vending machines!

Vending Machine Sydney

Yes you heard correct. What would normally cost you multiple thousands, you’re able to use our machines for your staff to enjoy and it won’t cost you a cent. Why waste your money when you don’t need to. If you’re a large company and have a high number of employees, you may require more than one machine. As you can see this normally would cost your company a lot of money.

We are able to offer this incredible deal simply because we appreciate you allowing us to use your space to store the unit. While some other vending suppliers do offer a similar deal, what’s different with Benleigh is we firstly don’t charge you any fees. There are no postage fees or restocking fees for when the machine runs out of products.

What’s also difference with us is we will supply you with modern looking and new machines that come from our latest quality range of models. Some other companies will instead give you old worn out units which can just cause too many hassles in the end.

Apart from this offer, Benleigh may be able to offer you additional services:

  • New, second hand and free machines
  • Healthy or standard layout, ice vending systems, corporate food systems
  • Wholesale items
  • No commitments
  • No fees
  • Over 16 years experience

We have been speaking to many NSW business owners who have recently taken advantage of our offer. They seem to be very pleased at how easy the whole process is. Most have also reported a rise in overall mood and even staff productivity.

If you’re interested in acquiring a no cost vending unit, and your business is located in the North Sydney or Homebush area, please give us a phone call to discuss your options.

Our staff are friendly and highly knowledgeable in all things vending and will work with you to come up something very special for you indeed.