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Narre Warren

Vending Machine Melbourne

Benleigh Vending is an Australian based supplier that is now offering all businesses the chance to have free vending machines. Narre Warren and West Melbourne are our latest areas to have the chance to enjoy this amazing new offer.

We are able to offer this to you because we understand and appreciate you using up your space for our machine. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on buying vending systems when you can just use ours for as long as you need to.  Normally to buy just one unit, it can cost you several thousands and if you need more than one, it can get quite costly.

We suggest you take us up on this deal as there is nothing to lose. There are no fees, no postage costs and when the machine is running low, you can call our partner and they will visit you at no cost and refill the unit with more yummy snacks and drinks.

Businesses have found that having vending goods at the workplace can boost overall energy levels and staff productivity. There is nothing more refreshing than taking a break and refilling the energy tank with refreshing ice cold water or other beverages.

If you require other services we may be able to help you depending on where your business location is:

  • New and used units
  • Wholesale snacks
  • Chips/Drinks, healthy range snacks, ice vending machines
  • Free delivery and restocking
  • Highly experienced team

The process is very simple and you can have your own free vending machine in no time. All you need to do is call us on 1300 629 153 and ask about this offer. Our staff will organise a day to deliver the system to your work place. When items are running low, you’ll then need to let our partner know and they’ll visit your and refill the system with more products for your staff to enjoy.