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Benleigh is an Australian vending machine supplier who is based in Adelaide SA. We do service all cities Australia wide however the majority of our clients are from the city of churches like Mt Barker and Hahndorf.

Vending Machine Adelaide

Today we are really happy to announce or latest and greatest promotion we have ever launched on to the public.

Introducing our “free vending machines promotion” which allows you to order our famous systems at absolutely zero cost.

This is a very generous deal and you definitely should consider what we have to offer. But before that we will explain why you should choose us and what you need to watch out for when shopping around.

If you where to actually pay for a unit outright, it would probably end up costing you at least $5,000 minimum for a quality one. We understand not all businesses are capable of paying this sort of money. This is the exact reason why Benleigh have introduced this offer to help businesses and all other types of organisations to be able to enjoy our quality units.

We have been in the food vending area for 17 years now and have had a chance to discuss the possibility of adding vending systems at their work site. What we have discovered is that the majority of them are keen on doing so, especially to please their staff and clients.

This is why we believe you’ll appreciate this offer just like our existing clients do.

However we are very honest here at Benleigh and will tell it like it is. The fact is while some others may claim to offer similar promises, some are not as ethical as others. You may find some that claim free but end up adding hidden costs to the equation. What’s even more frustrating is those that end up giving you vintage or faulty hardware.

We are different as we are business people just like you. We appreciate quality products that also make life easier not more difficult. We value your time just as much as we do ours, and have done all we can to make this offer painless.

The way we have achieved this is first by supplying you with our best models we have in stock. They’re new, sleek and provide a vending experience like no other machine can. These units will last many years to come and shouldn’t give you any grief.

You may be wondering what happens when your systems stock becomes empty. The good news is our refilling partner will come visit your location and add more products!

If this offer sound interesting to you, please phone us today and we will answer any queries you may have.