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Vending Machine Melbourne

Attention all Kensington and Braybrook offices, schools and hospitals! Benleigh a company with over 16 years experience in the vending machine industry is proud to announce that these areas now qualify for our free vending machines deal! Why waste thousands of dollars when you can just use our units in your workplace for your staff to enjoy.

And staff certainly do enjoy an easy to access food and drink dispensing machine at work! In fact it’s shown that installing a vending system for your staff to enjoy can increase their energy and productivity levels. Why not take advantage at a no cost tool to keep your staff happy and energised day after day.

What some companies do is have the same offer that we do, but they cut corners by giving away old second hand machines which are prone to faulty issues; with Benleigh thins are a little different. You’ll be receiving our new top of the range models which look the part and work even better. The last thing you need as a busy business man/women is to deal with vending machine problems. Our units use the latest tech inside and will eliminate coin jams and other issues that commonly occur with older systems.

The Benleigh company has grown to become one of the largest and most loved vending suppliers in all of Australia. We are expanding at a rapid rate and are offering more Australians day by day the chance to enjoy our services and products. We hope you take advantage of this deal as we are unsure how long we can offer no cost systems for.

Benleigh offers a range of other services you may be interested in, depending on your location:

  • New and used systems
  • Chips/chocolates/drinks, healthy items, and ice vending machines
  • No postage or restocking fees
  • Fast delivery

If you’re ready to have your own free vending machines for your workplace, all you need to do is give us a call. We then will organise a date that we will deliver the machine to your residents. If you need assistance with the installation, you can give us a phone call and we can help. Finally, whenever the unit is running low on stock, simply call our partner and they’ll come out to you and refill it with more tasty snacks.