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Vending Machine Melbourne

Normally to buy just one vending machine may cost you several thousands of dollars. You could order a second hand one, but then you face the real possibility of regular maintenance issues and worn our parts. The best way to acquire them is to take up Benleigh Vending on their latest offer which is going to blow you away! For a limited time, we are giving away free machines to all businesses in the Fitzroy and Altora areas. It doesn’t matter if you run a school, hospital, small business or a corporation; we are offering this deal to everyone.

Benleigh is a SA based company that has expanded to service nearly all regions in Australia as of late. In fact we have grown to become one of Australia’s largest vending suppliers. We put it down to our strong passion to please our customers and provide them with value for money and quality service.

Not many other companies are willing to offer machines at zero cost, but we are certainly different. We believe since you are nice to lend us your space for the machine, the least we can do is let you use it for free. There is no commitment, no fees and if you no longer want the machine in your workplace, simply call us and we will take it back from you.

The machine you’ll be receiving from us is not some old worn down unit but instead a brand new top of the range model. Our systems are modern looking and contain the latest technology inside to cut down on issues from the past. Problems like coin jams occurring and items not coming out of the machine are no longer going to occur.

Benleigh can also offer you a whole lot more:

  • Free machines for Fitzroy and Altora regions
  • No shipping fees
  • Variety of machines/layouts (chocolate, chips and drinks/healthy range/ice dispensers)
  • Friendly and experienced team of staff

The process to begin is very simple and only takes a couple of steps. Simply ring us using the details provided below and we will then organise a day to send the unit to your location. If you need assistance with the setup/installation you can speak to us and we will help. When the machine is running low in products, our partner will come to your location and refill the machine when needed.