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First-aid & Stationery Vending Machine

stationery vending systemsThe experts in first aid and stationery vending machines

At Benleigh Vending Systems, not only do we stock your traditional food, confectionery and drink systems, but we also specialise in first aid and stationery vending machines. These machines are perfect if you’re looking to minimise your wastage amount. They are also great in training your employees to be accountable for their equipment usage.

While most companies do trust their staff, unfortunately the reality is that a certain percentage of staff members do steal from the work place. Generally, this is the case at businesses where no records are taken of distributed items.

Many companies have found that the introduction of first aid and stationery vending machines have managed to save their company thousands of dollars in lost or stolen equipment.

How do stationery vending systems work?

First aid and stationery vending machines are equipped with the latest technology to ensure staff can easily access items. Every staff member is issued with a card that collaborates with the card reader that is located on each machine. When a staff member needs an item from the machine, all they need to do is simply swipe their card and make a selection. From there the item is dispensed, however the process doesn’t end there. During this process the machine records a range of data to assist your company in keeping record of your stock. This includes, the name of the user and their ID details, the machine ID, the item dispensed and the date and time the item was dispensed.

From the information collected, the machine uses software to create online reports. The reports outline the users that have dispensed items and exactly what items they have taken. This system is great because it reduces the need for monotonous paperwork, as it does it for you. It also allows businesses to keep records of their stock levels, by viewing in real time the software monitors inventory levels.

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