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Benleigh is one of the most loved and fastest growing vending supplier in the country today. Our roots go back 17 years but more recently we have taken things to the next level. One of the ways we have enjoyed this success is by providing the public with generous deals like the one we are going to share with you today.

Vending Machine Adelaide

If you operate a business in the Findon or Marion areas, we are excited to share with you our free vending machines promotion.

For a limited time, you’ll be able to order Benleighs famous BV3/BV5 models for your business to use. If you don’t operate the business, you can ask your manager if they would be interested in such an offer.

Now we are definitely not the only South Australian company to make such an offer, however when choosing us there are key differences.

The risk with choosing other suppliers is that sometimes they will take shortcuts and give you vintage units. The problem with an old machine is that they tend to cause you more problems than they’re worth. The last thing you need is a unit that keeps breaking down and being out of order.

Benleigh always provides brand new or very close to new units using our advanced technology and quality parts. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with our machines and shouldn’t have any problems.

Some exciting features of our models include:

  • Notereader
  • Coin Slider
  • Accessible to wheelchair users
  • More than sufficient space
  • No contracts involved

Although this offer may sound too good to be true, the reason why we can offer you all this at no cost is because we still make a profit on the items sold.

Typically to purchase a single machine would cost your business $5,000 to $10,000. This is a cost not all are willing or able to fork out. This is why our promotion is a win-win deal for all involved.

Another exciting benefit to choosing Benleigh is we have designed this to be as least time consuming for you as possible.

All you’re required to do is give us a ring and we’ll setup a date to send out the model to you. Once installed you’ll be able to start using and enjoying the vending machine. When the system is low on items, you just need to phone our refilling partner and he or she will come and restock the unit.

If this does sound interesting to you and you’re located in Findon, Marion or surrounding suburbs, please contact us.