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East Perth

Do you operate a business, school or hospital in the East or West Perth areas? If so, you may be interested in Benleigh Vendings latest offer. We are now offering you the chance to save thousands of dollars, by giving you vending machines for free! That’s correct, you can use our latest models at your workplace free of charge, and there will be no fees, hidden charges or contacts.

Vending Machine Perth

Benleigh has been operating for more than 16 years. We began as a small company based in the heart of Adelaide city, but in recent time we have experienced fast growth and a loyal following. We no can supply machines to almost anywhere in Australia, and it’s now time for Perth to shine!

From talking to many business owners, many are interested in having vending systems installed at their workplace however the cost of purchasing them outright tends to make it difficult for some. This is the exact reason why we have tried our best to develop this promotion into something really special that benefits all involved.

You see, we are willing to not charge you any money to use our units as we still make a profit by selling the items inside the machine. Your business will also benefit by saving tens of thousands of dollars. Last but not least, your staff will just love having a food and drink dispensing machine on a daily basis! The machine allows them to recharge their bodies with fresh tasty products and may even increase their energy and overall productivity.

One thing you need to look out for when ordering any vending system paid or no cost, is the quality you’ll be receiving. When ordering free units especially, some suppliers will try and cut costs and give you ageing units. The problem with this, is an older machine is more likely to break down and experience malfunction issues on a regular basis. This is very time consuming and frustrating for both parties.

Benleigh does things differently and will supply you with new, or new near units from our newest range of models. The more uptime our machines experience, the more money we make, and we also keep you happy. Our models look really good and are designed to keep on going. With older systems, they tend to experience issues such as some products not dispensing, or coins/notes getting stuck inside. The models you’ll be receiving are designed to eliminate these annoying issues once and for all!

We also know you value your time, just like we do. This is why we have designed this promotion to be as hands free as possible for you. All that’s required is a simple phone call where we discuss the details with you and then we’ll arrange a date to send over the unit. Once installed and operating, all you need to do is phone our partner whenever you need the system refilled with more food/beverage. (This will not incur any fees)