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Eagle Farm

Normally vending machines can cost you multiple thousands of dollars to purchase. Thankfully there is a more affordable way to acquire them thanks to Benleigh Vending. We are now offering all Eagle Farm work places the chance to order free systems from us to place in your work site/office. We offer a no cost, no fuss option where we will organise a time to send over a machine to your location for you. We can guide you through the installation and will organise someone to keep refilling the machines when needed.

Vending Machines Brisbane

Benleigh has over 16 years experience in the vending sector and we are definitely one of the largest Australia wide. Our friendly service, combined with our quality parts and experience, mean you’ll be pleased with what we have to offer.

You will be receiving our latest models which are the best of the best and they no longer have issues of the past such as coin jams.

Benleigh can offer you many services depending where you’re located:

  • Free vending machines for Eagle Farm businesses
  • Corporate machines (healthy range, standard, ppe safety and ice)
  • Fast and free delivery

Being that Eagle Farm is largely involved in industrial sectors, it’s a prime location for vending. This is why we can offer you this incredible deal and why you should take us up on the offer.

It’s proven that businesses that have vending products actually increase staff enjoyment levels and productivity as it is a easy and affordable way for them to increase their energy levels during the day.