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If you operate any kind of business in Dunlop or Lyneham (ACT), you’ll be glad to know Benleighs famous free vending machines offer is now applicable to these areas.

Vending Machine Canberra

If you where to buy a single system it would normally cost you between $5,000 – $10,000. Many businesses just can’t afford to spend that sort of money. What we also found is most really would love to have a unit in the workplace for their staff and clients to enjoy. This was the foundation of this incredible offer and we feel you’ll be very pleased with what we have come up with.

Not only can you order a vending unit at no cost, we also will be supplying you with our latest and best BV3 or BV5 models. These have been designed with high quality parts and the user in mind. They have plenty of space, look amazing and we have eliminated a couple of issues commonly found in older machines. (coins getting stuck).

Benleigh knows this industry like the back our hands. We have more than 16 years experience and over the years we have learnt a great deal what both businesses and users want in a vending machine.

As a business, you not only want a quality product but if it can use up as little of your time as possible, that has to be a huge benefit. This is why we have designed this promotion to be as hands free and hassle free as possible. It all starts with a quality system, but we also require no contracts nor charge any delivery fees.

You may be wondering what happens when the food or drink runs out inside your system. We have also made this as easy as possible! Whenever more stock is needed, all that’s required is to contact our restocking partner, and he/she will come visit you and refill the machine.

This offer really is a no brainer – you have absolutely nothing to lose. But if for any reason you no longer want or need the unit, contact us and we’ll take it back from you.

To get the ball rolling and to lock in your no cost machine, simply use the details found below to contact your friendly team.

Ask for Daniel or Andrew and they’ll answer any questions you may have. Together we will organise a suitable day to send the unit to your work location and we will go from there.