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Deer Park

Vending Machine Melbourne

Do you operate a business, office environment, school or hospital in the deer Park or Laverton areas? If so Benleigh would like to tell you about our newest special deal we are offering you. For a limited time, we are allowing you to place our vending machines in your workplace absolutely free. What normally can cost you thousands to buy, we instead offer you the chance to lease our machines and place them in your work area for your staff to use.

Staff seem to love having a vending system at their work to use on a daily basis. It allows them to recharge throughout the day and can also increase their productivity and overall energy. Why not take advantage of this no cost offer which will make your staff happier and assist them in doing more work.

Benleigh is a company with over 16 years experience in the vending industry. We have grown into becoming one of the biggest and best vending suppliers in Australia and ever expanding. Our customer base is continually growing and are very loyal. We attribute this success to our ongoing commitment to providing as much value to you as we possibly can.

You may find other companies that claim to offer free machines, however some due diligence is required. Often they’ll hand out older models instead of new ones, which end up causing you much inconvenience. Old models are more susceptible to hardware faults and malfunctions such as coin jams. This is why Benleigh will only provide you with our latest models and not old beat up units. Our systems look extremely attractive and have enough space to store all your favourite snacks and beverages. They are well built and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Benleigh may also provide additional services (depending on where you’re located):

  • Corporate, new and second hand systems
  • Regular food/drinks layout, healthy options range, ice dispensing systems
  • No postage fees and quick delivery times
  • Over 16 years experience and knowledgeable team of staff

If this all sounds good to you and you are in the Deer Park or Laverton areas, we suggest you pick up the phone and ring us on 1300 629 153. The first part of the process is to organise when and where we will deliver the machine to. Then our partner will visit you and fill up the unit. Whenever items are running low, he or she will visit you on an ongoing basis to restock the machine with more yummy treats.