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If you’re located in the Darra Queensland area south west of Brisbane and are after free vending machines, then please keep reading. Benleigh a company that is based in Adelaide but is now servicing all of Australia has over 16 years experience and has grown to become one of the biggest and best vending suppliers. Why pay thousands for a machine when we are willing to give them to you for free. Most other companies are not willing to do this but we here at Benleigh think its only fair since you are using your space to store our systems.

Vending Machines Brisbane

Studies show that if you do have a vending machine in your workplace for your staff to enjoy, it will increase their productivity rate and energy levels. Most people will appreciate the option to purchase cheap yummy snacks and drinks at their discretion.

Our models are not the typical used or cheaply made machine but are in fact our own brand that uses high quality machinery to produce a hassle free vending experience. There’s no need to worry about coin jams or items not dispensing out the machine with our models.

Not only that but we can offer you some other services depending on where you live:

  • Free vending systems for the Darra area
  • Whole sale and corporate systems and products
  • Fast and no cost delivery + machine maintenance/restocking of items

Our special offer is literally hands off and is a no brainer deal. We are confident you’ll be happy with our systems and overall service that you’ll be finding even more areas to place more in.

If you do want some of our machines installed in your work place, school, hospital or any other populated area, please call our friendly and experienced sales team and they will guide you though the easy process.