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Tasmania is becoming a vital part of Benleighs overall strategy and we are making strides to increase our services to this part of Australia. Both Burnie and Kingston are the latest cities in Tasmania that are now on the list to take advantage of our best offer yet!

Vending Machine Hobart

Benleigh is a company that has been operating in the vending sector for over 16 years. In this time we have offered the public various promotions, however what we are about to share with you is our greatest and most generous one of all time!

As of now anyone who operates a business or organisation has the chance to order our new vending machines absolutely free.

This deal is definitely something you really should consider, and by reading on, you’ll soon realise it’s a no brainer.

Now we must say that unfortunately not all vending companies in Australia are completely ethical. Some of them will add on hidden fees, supply you with aging products and even worse things we won’t get into.

The difference with Benleigh is that we are an established Aussie company that has a rock proof reputation for providing customers with affordability, quality and a whole lot of experience.

We supply you with sparkling new vending systems when possible, and service second to none. When choosing us, you’ll get our new BV3/BV5 model, which are top of the range systems you’ll definitely love.

The most frustrating thing is having an old vending machine that keeps breaking down on you. You won’t have this issue when choosing Benleigh, as we put quality before anything else.

Another benefit of choosing Benleigh, is we have don’t force any contracts on you which people do appreciate.

From our findings, we see that many business owners like the idea of using vending systems at the workplace. Both staff and customers love to use them as they are provide an affordable and convenient method of purchasing food and drink.

Unfortunately the cost of buying these units out right can prevent some smaller businesses. This is because a single machine can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8000. This is why we created this promotion in the first place; to assist you in acquiring a vending machine at no cost.