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If you operate any type of business in the Braddon or Gungahlin areas, you’re probably eligible to enjoy our latest and most generous promotion yet! We are now offering you the chance to save thousands by supply free vending machines to eligible customers.

Vending Machine Canberra

Benleigh is an Australian vending supplier based in Adelaide, but has grown to become one of the largest in the country. We have close to 17 years experience and have a very happy customer based all over Australia. One way we are expanding our reach is from the current promotion discussed above. This is because normally it would cost several thousands to buy one of our famous BV3/BV5 models.

What would normally cost you thousands, will not cost you a cent since talking to many business owners. Although most would love to have a vending system at their workplace for their staff to use, often the cost prevents this from happening. Our no cost offer deals with this issue by sending out a machine to your work site. However the deal gets even better as there are no delivery fees, no contacts and we will even restock the unit with new snacks when needed.

Once the machine is in your possession, the only thing required by you is to just contact our restocking partner when the unit is running low on items.

If you want to take a look at our new machines. As you can see they’re extremely modern looking and have advanced technology built inside. Unlike systems from the past that sometimes caused coin jams and other errors, our models where built specifically to eliminate these issues.

As mentioned earlier there are no contact involved here. We stand by our products and service and we a confident you’ll be pleased when using Benleigh. However if you’re not happy or just no longer need the unit, Benleigh will be happy to take it back.

If this no cost promotion sound interesting to you, the sooner you contact us – the sooner you’ll receive your system. We’ll answer any questions you have, see if your business is eligible and organise a date to get the ball rolling!