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Do you operate any type of business or organisation in the Weston or Mitchell (ACT) areas? If so, you’re probably thinking of acquiring a vending machine for your staff/clients to enjoy. One thing that often is a setback when in this situation is the high costs of buying vending machines outright.

Vending Machine Canberra

Although purchasing does have some benefits, it’s not for everyone. This is why Benleigh, a vending supplier in operation for close to 17 years is offering you the chance to enjoy our famous quality BV3 or BV5 models absolutely free!

Yes you heard correctly, we will not charge you to use the unit nor charge you delivery fees either! Since it normally costs anywhere between $5,000 to $8000 for a quality machine, you can see why many businesses cannot afford to outlay that sort of money.

This is why we have created this generous promotion so you still get to have a high quality vending system at your workplace without the costs.

Another thing which we know you have a limited amount of, is time! As a business person, you have much to do during the day. We are quite sure attending to vending machine issues or malfunction errors is not the best use of your time. This is why we will only be providing you with the best in quality. Our machines a new and use the latest in vending technology, both on the inside and outside. Long gone are those days where coins get jammed up in the machine and that annoying issue of products not dispensing!

Also unlike some vendors, we will not charge you to refill the machine with new stock. Whenever the unit is running low on items, all you need to do is contact our refilling partner. They’ll restock your system with fresh yummy food and drink.

If you’re not interested in this deal, you may have other needs we may be able to service:

  • New and used systems
  • wholesale snacks
  • Corporate systems
  • Variety of layouts (food, drink/healthy/ice)
  • Service Australia wide
  • 16 years experience
  • No contacts

Although Weston and Mitchell aren’t the largest areas we provide to, there is no place too small for us. We want to get our machine all over the country provided you have an adequate amount of staff or foot traffic.

If this all sound interesting of if there’s something else we may help you with, please give us a phone call. Our staff are extremely passionate about this industry and we have the ideal experience to back up those 16 years.