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Vending Machines With Credit Card Readers

At Benleigh Vending we believe in providing you with quality options that make sense. One major change we have recently made is that both our BV3 and BV5 vending machines now come with credit card readers!  Now you can choose from coins, cash and cards as payment options! We have even gone the extra mile and incorporated pay wave/tap and go to make purchasing even more convenient.

Fortunately there will never be a day again where you arrive at work and are left hungry or thirsty, just because you don’t have any money in your wallet.

We have begun rolling out machines with credit cards and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Thus we are now in the process of converting all our systems already placed around the country with credit card readers too.

Benleigh is always looking to take advantage of innovation. This is just one more example of us not resting on our laurels, and providing you with Australia’s best vending service.

To enquire about how you can receive your own free vending machine, please contact Benleigh Vending on 1300 629 153.