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Vending Machine Melbourne

All businesses, hospitals, schools, offices and other work places will be happy to hear of Benleigh Vendings latest generous deal. We are now offering free vending machines for businesses and companies located in these areas. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars purchasing machines when you can just use ours at no cost! There are no hidden fees or catches; we really will send you a free system for your workplace to enjoy.

The reason we can do this is because unlike some vending suppliers who are less generous than we are, we appreciate you using up your space to store our machine and you’re allowing us to sell our items. What you get out of the deal is a brand new high quality model vending machine that your staff can enjoy which will save you thousands like we mentioned earlier. This is a deal where everyone involved wins.

Essentially we are one of Australia’s most successful vending suppliers who have been around for over 15 years. We are no fly by night company, but instead an established team of staff who are passionate about this industry and exceeding our clients expectations.

The machine you’ll be receiving is not some old second hand unit but one of our latest models which looks beautiful and has quality parts inside. The issue of using old machines is a problem because issues such as faulty parts, coin jams and the like are much more likely to occur. Our particular units have new tech inside which eliminates coin jams completely as well as reducing other problems. You can rest easy that you’ll literally have nothing to worry about once you get the machine, and it won’t be taking up more of your time.

The process is very simple and simply takes a phone call to get the process moving. Simply call us and say you want a free machine if you’re in the Sunshine or Tullamarine areas, and we will then organise a day to send it to your location. We will then organise our partner to come to your location and refill the machine when needed.