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Blackmans Bay

Benleigh is now offering any school, business or hospital located in Somerset or Blackmans Bay the ability to order our best range of vending machines at zero cost! No contracts, obligations or hidden fees, Benleigh vending is committed to offering the public value and quality whenever possible.

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What we have discovered when conversing with business people in Tasmania and abroad, is that most really do want a vending system at their work location. Employees and clients appreciate the ability to use vending systems however the cost of actually buying them can be impossible for some.

This is where Benleigh comes in and aims to assist people in this position by allowing businesses to use our top systems at zero cost.

Unlike some other suppliers who we won’t mention, Benleigh does not cut corners or do the wrong thing by the customer. We understand your time is valuable and the last thing you need is to be worrying about your vending system breaking down constantly. This is why we only provide our clients with new high quality machines that will perform well and continue to work years to come.

The model you’ll be using from us is either our BV3 or BV5 model depending on your needs:

  • Sleek design will match most decors
  • Notereader included (pay using notes)
  • LED lighting will cut down lighting costs
  • Keypad positioned lower to help wheelchair users
  • Large space suitable to showcase a large range of items
  • No contracts
  • No fees
  • No delivery costs

As you can see from the above dot points, our systems are as good as any you’ll find elsewhere.

When it comes to our service, we don’t disappoint either. We don’t trick our customers with any hidden fees nor force them into any contracts. We let our reputation do the talking and are confident that you too will appreciate the Benleigh difference.

One very important benefit that’s also included in this deal is our free restocking service. Once you have the unit installed at your premises, your staff and customers will naturally start to consume the items. When the machine is running low on items, you can simply give our partner a ring and they’ll visit you and add more products at no cost!

This deal is a win-win situation and you really have nothing to lose. If for any reason you don’t want or need the unit any more, simply contact us and we’ll deal with it.