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Vending Machine Melbourne

Benleigh Vending is a SA based vending machine supplier who is now servicing Australia wide. Preston and Footscray are our 2 latest areas where we are giving away free vending machines for all applicable schools, hospitals, offices and other workplaces.

We have over 16 years experience and are growing rapidly in recent times. We attribute our success to our values which are to always please the customer and offer value for money.

Normally to buy a new machine it would cost you $5,000-$10,000. This is a lot of money for any business to put up. Thankfully there is no need to spend any money thanks to our generous new offer. We will send free machines to your workplace for your staff to enjoy! There are no catches, no commitments and not even any postage fees.

This offer may sound too good to be true but it really isn’t. The reason we are doing this deal is because we believe that any business that agrees to use up their space to store our machine deserves to not pay anything.

We will be sending you a completely brand new unit that contains the latest in technology and quality parts. Our models will reduce or eliminate several problems of the past which older units where more susceptible to. Issues like stock not dispensing or coins jamming are a common issue of older systems, however technology has improved quite nicely in recent times.

Benleigh not only have the above offer but we may also be able to offer you more:

  • Corporate units, standard, healthy and ice
  • Used/second hand
  • No postage fees
  • A team that is passionate and helpful

To take us up on this incredible deal or to find out more, please contact using the details provided below. The process is very easy and just involves us organising a date and time to post the machine out to you. When the unit is running lock on stock, you can simply call our partner and they will visit you and refill the machine.