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Harris Park

Benleigh Vending is one of Australia’s most successful and large suppliers in all of Australia. We have been in operation for 16 years and in that time we have learnt a lot. One thing we have discovered is how much our clients love value for money, and they love free even more! If you operate a business, school or hospital with a number of staff in Penrith or Harris Park, you’re sure to be interested in what we have to say next!

Vending Machine Sydney

As of now, Benleigh is offering you the chance to use our new vending machines absolutely at no cost! Although this sounds too good to be true, it really isn’t this time. Normally to purchase a vending machine it will normally cost over $5000 each for a quality unit. Most businesses simply cannot afford this cost, especially in today’s economic climate. Many have expressed interest but have told us they cannot part with their money for a vending system, so this is why we now also offer them for free.

Although there are some other companies that may offer a similar deal to what were are, they tend to leave our one key aspect – quality. We have experience and know how to really make a difference. We also will provide you with new modern looking units which are designed extremely well compared to most other systems.

Some other vendors like to cut costs and in doing so, they aren’t willing to give you the best machine possible. By cutting corners, they often leave you with the burden that goes along with having an old vending system. The last thing you want is to have the hassles of a regular malfunctions machine where coins get stuck, or the system doesn’t operate. With our new BV3/BV5 models, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best product possible that eliminates such issues.

Benleigh may be able to offer you other services and products:

  • New and used system for sale
  • No cost machines for your workplace (Penrith and Harris Park)
  • No contacts, commitments
  • Wholesale snacks
  • In the industry for 16 years

Apart from costs, we know time is just as important to your business. We have tried to make this process as easy and hassle free for you as we can. All that’s required for you to do is ring us and organise a date we can send out the system to you. Once the machine is running low on stock, you’ll just need to let our partner know, and they’ll visit you and refill the unit with more products.