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Benleigh is an Australian vending machine/food supplier who has been operating in the industry for nearly 17 years. In that time we have learnt a whole lot about what our customers want in a vending company and what many tell us is that they cannot afford the cost of buying systems outright. This is understandable as just 1 can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for a high quality unit.

Vending Machine Sydney

Benleigh has taken the above concern into consideration and have no come up with the perfect solution for any business that’s located in North Ryde or Mascot.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you’ll be able to use our machines in your business, office, school or hospital absolutely free! If you have a large number of staff and require multiple units, this is no problem at all.

There are a lot of businesses and companies taking us up on this incredible offer all over Australia – why not join in too! There are no contacts, no costs and no commitments. If for whatever reason you no longer want or need the system, we will happily take it back from you.

Benleigh is one of the leading vending companies in all of Australia. We do offer other products and services you might need:

  • Wholesale snacks
  • Machines for sale
  • Healthy/Regular/Ice systems
  • No contracts
  • Friendly and experienced team

You may come across some other suppliers who offer a similar “no cost” deal, but you are taking a risk if you do. What some others tend to do is supply you with old systems that are prone to malfunction issues. The last thing you want is your vending machine constantly breaking down.

When you choose Benleigh you can rest easy knowing you’ll be receiving a high quality unit in excellent condition (usually brand new). Our latest BV3/BV5 models are made from the best quality parts and have been designed to eliminate problems of the past (coin jams, items not releasing). Not only that, but ours look very modern and will suit any businesses decor.

In order to begin the process all you need to do is ring us. We’ll discuss an appropriate date with you to deliver the machine. Once the machine is ready to be used, the only thing that’s required by you is to just contact our partner whenever you need the unit refilled with more items.