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Vending Machine Melbourne

As one of Australia’s largest vending suppliers, Benleigh Vending is pleased to announce the expansion of our free vending machine offer to the Melbourne Airport and Campbellfield area. As a high traffic area, airports are a vending machines best friend. They work hand in hand, and airport traffic love to use them. This is why we are offering this amazing deal to any business or workplace located in the airport of Melbourne.

Benleigh is an Australian vending supplier who is trusted by thousands of people on a daily basis. We are trusted to provide quality machines and tasty products to all types of business, both small and large. We have over 16 years experience in this sector and there aren’t too many issues that we haven’t dealt with in our time. We have such a thriving and happy customer base that has allowed us to accelerate our growth and expand our products to even more locations around Australia.

Typically, just buying one vending machine will cost you several thousand dollars. As your airport is very large, you would require many units to reach all areas if the airport. This can end up being extremely costly.

Fortunately you can take us up on our generous offer and order several machines if applicable, at absolutely no cost! Not many vending suppliers are willing to do this and even if they do, they may provide you with used units that contain outdated technology.

Thankfully, things are very different when using Benleigh Vending. We will provide you with our latest models BV3 or BV5. These are modern looking and work as good as the look! Only high quality parts are what these are made from. The last thing you want is your vending machines not functioning. Issues such as coins jamming or items incorrectly dispending are common with some older units. The models you’ll be receiving from us however, contain new technology that all but eliminates these issues from occurring.

As a business owner, you have more important things to worry about, then maintaining vending machines and restocking them with new product. Benleigh takes out all of the hard work and will organise with our partner to visit your location whenever the machines need restocking.

There literally is no cost, no work and no commitments with this offer. You are welcome to have the systems at your location for as long as you want. If for any reason you no longer wish to use the units, Benleigh will happily take them from you.

To start the process, all that’s required to do is pick up the telephone and call us. We’ll explain all the ins and outs of the offer and organise a day to send out the machines to you (also free).