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Benleigh Vending is proud to announce our exciting new offer to all business owners of the Logan City Queensland area. You can order absolutely free vending machines from us and place them in your work place for staff to enjoy. Why spend thousands for one machine when you can just use ours and get the same result. Not only that but Benleigh will deliver it to you at no cost, and organise the restocking of the stock.

Vending Machines Brisbane

Benleigh has grown to become a huge name in the Vending Industry and actually has over 15 years experience. We are constantly expanding due to great demand and we really believe this is occurred due to our strong commitment to our clients.

We are always expanding and re tweaking our services and offering generous new offers for you to take advantage of. This particular deal is a complete hands off approach to vending and will really please your staff. It’s been proven that work places that have vending systems installed actually raise staff energy and productivity levels considerably. It’s that 5 minute snack break which some staff really look forward to and gets them refreshed and ready to get back to work.

We are able to offer you the following services and much more:

  • Free vending machines for Logan City work sites
  • New, used, corporate machines
  • Standard, healthy range, ppe safety and ice
  • Delivery at no cost and we organise the restocking of items

What some suppliers will do is provide you with old machines, but not at Benleigh! We offer our newest and latest range of models which will cut down on maintenance problems, coin jams and the like.

The Logan area is a large city and has been developing very nicely so this is why we are able to have this amazing offer for you. It’s a win win situation and you really have nothing to lose by taking us up on this offer. There’s no obligation and you can return the machine at any time.