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As an Australian vending supplier who has been in this industry for 17 years, we are pleased to announce our best offer yet to all organisations and businesses in Victor Harbour and Seaford.

Vending Machine Adelaide

What we can now do for you is supply you with vending machines to use and it wont’ cost you anything! To buy just one unit would cost you anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 each. We understand in this economy this isn’t always possible for some.

This is why we have produced this generous offer to help make it much easier for you to acquire your own system. In fact we would say that free is as easy as it gets!

Not only will you not be paying anything, we are also going to make it easy by making it as least time consuming for you as we can.

Before we explain the benefits of choosing Benleigh, we are now going to tell you about the amazing machines you’ll be receiving.

Our BV5 model is as good as it gets when ordering vending systems. You can see them here however we will explain it’s main features below:

  • Large glass front display
  • LED Lighting
  • Note reader
  • Keypad is lower to accommodate wheelchair users
  • Quality parts
  • New coin slide technology (eliminates jams)

It’s important to order a high quality unit otherwise you may regret it down the track. What some suppliers will do is promise you a similar deal like we do but then not do the best thing by you. They may clam free but then charge hidden fees or even worse supply you with and old system that just keeps breaking down.

The Benleigh difference is very clear to see and it’s why we have keep growing rapidly and have an equal amount of happy clients that use our products and services. We don’t take shortcuts in the name of value nor quality. When ordering from us, you’ll be supplied with the best in quality vending as well as service.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of our offer is how hands free it all is for you. Once you have your unit installed and ready to go, all that you’ll need to do is contact our refilling associate who will then visit you and refill the machine for you. (no fee incurred).