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Vending Machines ACT

With more than 19 years of experience in the vending industry, you can trust Benleigh to provide the most professional and personal service for those needing vending machines in Canberra, ACT.

vending machines actThe most exciting aspect to our company is our ability to provide your business, company, school or other organisation, with a free vending machine along with a complete vending service at absolutely no cost to you. Nothing beats  having our well known and loved BV3 or BV5 model vending system  in your Canberra office!  Imagine being able to that enjoy ice cold beverages, delicious snacks and evenour healthy choice range, any time you wish!

Our complete vending service includes:

  • Free vending machine small and large sizes available
  • Delivery and installation (no fee)
  • We will refill your system weekly (no fee)
  • Includes free maintenance and customer support

If this sounds like an amazing deal to you, then simply call the team at Benleigh Vending Systems on 1300 629 153.

If you are considering having a vending machine at your office, now is the time to act upon it. After discovering that the main reason businesses don’t have a vending machine is the cost to buy it outright, we decided to come up with an alternative for those who can’t afford it. This is why we provide our vending machines free of charge to businesses across Canberra. We can assure you that there are no strings attached and no hidden agendas.

In addition to our exceptional rental offer, we also sell vending machines at very affordable prices. Whatever your budget is, we will have a vending machine that suits your criteria. We stock brand new vending machines that have all the latest functionality. Additionally, we stock a range of top of the range second hand machines in a variety of different brands. We provide them to businesses and also people wanting to start up their own vending business.

If you’re  interested in learning more about our vending machines and you live in the ACT, then give us a call on 1300 629 153. Or you can contact us by email