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All Liverpool and Padstow schools, hospitals and businesses will be interested in Benleigh Vending’s latest promotion. As one of Australia’s largest vending operators and with over 16 years in operation, we are excited to share with your our free vending machine offer! Yes you heard correctly, you are now able to enjoy our high quality vending system for your workplace to enjoy absolutely at no cost!

Vending Machine Sydney

What usually will cost you thousands of dollars to buy; you can now just use our machines and save your company a truckload of cash. Benleigh appreciates you using up your space to store our machine, so the least we can do for you is let you use it for free.

Market research has shown that it’s a really smart idea to have at least one vending system at a workplace as staff really enjoys them. Providing your staff with an accessible food/drink dispensing system can increase their mood and overall work productivity. Your staff will feel re-energised and have a little treat to look forward to during an often long and stressful workday.

One of the things you need to look out for if using other companies, is their tendency to supply you with beaten down machines which have old worn down parts. Benleigh is different as we only supply you with new or near new units that are likely to keep on running for many years to come.

You’ll be enjoying out new BV3/BV5 models which are very elegant looking and will match any decor. These machines are more than large enough to store the latest snacks and it also comes equipped with the latest in vending technology. What tended to happen with systems of the past is occasionally coins would get jammed up in the machine, or even worse, items would not dispense. Thankfully these issues have been resolved thanks to modern technology!

Benleigh has made the process as simple and hands off as possible. We understand your time is valuable and so is ours. All that’s required on your part is a phone call where we’ll explain any of your questions. The next step is to organise a date to deliver the unit to your work site. Once the machine is installed your staff can then use it. Whenever the unit is running low, all you need to do is contact our partner and he/she we’ll come out to your business and restock the system free of charge.