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Do you operate a business or organisation such as a school, university or hospital in the Launceston/Devonport area? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear about Benleigh’s free vending machines offer.

Vending Machine Hobart

We have been offering this promotion for a while now in other areas, and have been expanding our products and services to Tasmania!

The cost of acquiring a single system can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 which understandably is not an amount everyone can afford. We here at Benleigh feel every business deserves to have a machine in place at their work site for both employees and customers to enjoy. This why we have designed this particular promotion which best aids anyone to be able to use our famous BV3/BV5 models at zero cost.

There certainly are other suppliers in Australia who make similar promises, however unfortunately we found some are less than ethical. Some companies will take advantage of customers and charge hidden fees or may even promise you a free unit but end up supplying you with an old worn out unit.

Benleigh is very much different as we strive to do the right thing by our clients as you will hopefully come to see.

The first major difference you can expect when choosing Benleigh is the high quality of the machine we will supply you with. You can see photos and additional details by looking at this page

Ultimately our machines are top of the range and are built with quality in mind. We strive to please you as we said and will not sacrifice quality at any stage during the process.

The system you’ll be receiving is designed with several key benefits:

  • Note Reader (allows the user to pay by
  • New coin slider technology – no more coin jams
  • Large and sleek design
  • Lower key pad user friendly for wheelchair users

Another huge advantage of choosing us is that unlike some others, we don’t charge any hidden fees, nor do we force any contracts on you. We are very confident in our ability to please and retain you as a customer, we don’t need to pull any tricks.

We understand that you may wish to discuss this offer in more detail with us, therefore we recommend everyone from Devonport or Launceston to contact us.