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Both Kingsley and Karrinyup are the latest areas of WA to be added to our list of businesses who can now take advantage of an incredibly generous offer! Benleigh Vending has been working hard on a new promotion that will excite you and provide immense value for nothing! Yes that’s correct, this promotion won’t cost you a cent.

Vending Machine Perth

What we are offering is the chance for you to place our top model vending machines at your workplace absolutely free.

We talk to all types of people in business and the majority of them have a high interest in placing a system for their staff and clients to use. Unfortunately the high cost of buying a single unit can run up to the $8,000 mark. However there is no need to pay anything since this offer is now valid for your area.

Benleigh Vending can definitely get the job done as we have been supplying Australian’s with top quality services and products for nearly 17 years. In that time we have discovered what business owners want to a degree. It appears that besides saving money, saving time is perhaps even more important. If this is the case with your business, then you’ll be glad to hear what else we have in store for you.

As a busy person, we doubt tinkering around with vending machines or restocking them is high on your list of priorities and Benleigh knows that. This is why firstly we will only supply you with the best in vending systems.

You’ll be receiving our BV3/BV5 models which are our latest type to arrive in the warehouse! These look sleek and have enough space to store many of the best chips, chocolate and drinks anyone could need. You’ll be pleased to hear that these units shouldn’t cause you any grief. These even have new technology build inside that prevents money being jammed.

Another time saving benefit to choosing Benleigh is our hands off promise. We have tried to design this promotion to be as easy for you as possible:

  • No contacts involved
  • No postage costs
  • No restocking fees
  • Free delivery

There is nothing to lose when choosing Benleigh, but a whole lot to gain for this offer in particular. If you are ready to book in your no cost system or just have some questions, please phone us today.