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Benleigh Vending is a 17 year old Australian vending company that is based in Adelaide, SA. We have grown exceptionally in recent times and now service most areas all over Australia. Both Henderson and Wangara in Western Australia are two of our latest areas to receive the Benleigh difference.

Vending Machine Perth

One of our most popular deals is our zero cost machines promotion available to most businesses in WA. What this can do for you is allow us to supply your office, school, hospital, or any other company with free machines to use. Not all will be eligible for this, the main determining factor will be if you have a sufficient amount of staff or customer traffic.

Since you’re on this page it’s likely that you’re interesting in having a vending machine installed at your work location. Some questions going through your mind might be whether or not you should purchase a unit outright or instead take us up on our offer.

The choice is yours, and Benleigh can cater to both types. Keep in mind it normally costs between $5,000 and $10,000 to buy a quality system. Most can’t afford this type of cost so instead they opt for our free deal instead.

There are some other suppliers who offer a similar deal however there is a very big difference when you choose Benleigh.

Firstly we always do the right thing by the consumer and provide quality any chance we get. Some other vending companies will supply you with aging models that will just prove to be more hassle than it’s worth. Others will claim to be free yet charge you various hidden fees. The good news is that Benleigh does none of this!

  • We charge no fees
  • No contracts or obligations
  • No delivery costs
  • No refilling costs

Regarding our models:

  • Modern look
  • Large glass-front display
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Advanced technology
  • Note reader
  • Improved coin slot slider eliminates coin jams
  • Low keypad allows access to wheelchair users

If this sound interesting to you, the best thing to do is give us a phone call where our staff will help you through the process. We will then organise a day to send out the machine to your location and we will go from there.