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Coopers Plains

For those located in the Coopers Plains or Ormeau areas in Queensland, you’ll be happy to hear about Benleighs’ incredible new offer. We are now providing these areas free vending machines for the work place for those businesses who don’t want to spend thousands for a machine and instead want to use ours.

Vending Machines Brisbane

What Benleigh will do for you is send a free system to your work place and then organise someone to regularly restock it with new tasty products! There are no costs, no catches and your staff will just love our fresh yummy snacks and drinks.
Benleigh has more than 15 years experience in the vending industry and we know how to please our customers. We understand a lot about the sector and understand that businesses particularly love placing machines in their work place because by having an accessible food dispensing system, it re energises staff and increases overall productivity levels.

You really have nothing to lose from our offer and there is no obligation to keep the machine. If you’re not happy, simply call us and we will remove the machine from your work site.

Benleigh can offer businesses many quality services and products, just some include:

  • Free vending machines for the Coopers Plains and Ormeau areas
  • Variety of models/layouts (regular drinks/snacks, health range, ppe safety and ice)
  • No cost delivery and restocking of product
  • Easy and hassle free process

You can also rest assured our machines won’t bring you much grief because they will be our latest models which have new technology inside them. In the past older systems can cause issues due to coin jams, products not dispensing and machine faults, but with our new systems, these problems are practically eliminated.

If you’re interested in acquiring some machines for your staff, please call us and we will arrange a time to deliver it to you. If you still have further questions or need any clarification, we are more than happy to help you with the process.