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Canning Vale

One of the fastest growing Australian vending companies has been growing at a rapid pace as of late. Canning Vale and Jandakot are the latest locations who are eligible for Benleigh’s latest promotion simply called “no cost vending machines”.

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As a company, Benleigh has been in this industry for close to 17 years and in that time we have done various market research. We did this to gain a better understanding of what both customers and our the businesses who want systems at their workplace.

What we have found is that most businesses would like a machine at their workplace for both clients and staff to use. However the moderate cost of buying them can prevent many businesses (especially small ones) from acquiring even a single unit.

Thankfully Benleigh have designed a new offer that deals with this problem and cuts costs dramatically down – right down to zero!

For a limited time you can order a free system for your workplace. If you operate a large company, you’ll be able to order more than one if applicable.

Unlike some other suppliers, Benleigh doesn’t supply you with vintage units that will just cause more problems than they’re worth. Instead when we give your our systems, you’ll receive our latest BV3 or BV5 mode, which look very sleek, and are built with the best parts possible. We are confident that you’ll be amazed and pleasantly pleased with what you’ll be receiving.

Our models also are designed with the end user in mind. Our keypads are wheelchair accessible, contain large glass front displays and also have impressive technology. This tech eliminates problems of the past like coins getting jammed and products not releasing out the machine correctly.

As you may know we service most of Australia, and more areas are opening up as times goes on. The level of service also grows and we just may be able to provide something else that can help you:

  • Free, new and second hand units
  • Corporate machines
  • Wholesale snacks
  • Regular, healthy and ice models
  • No contacts

If you’re interested in acquiring your own no cost vending system than rest easy knowing the process is both fast and simple. A phone call is all that’s needed and we will explain everything in further detail. The next step is to organise a date and then send out the unit to your work location. When the system is up and running, naturally the products will start being consumed. When the stock is running low, a simple call to our restocking department will then come visit you and refill it at zero cost.